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Have the right tool for the job

In an earlier post I wrote about information management and the tools I use. This is an expansion of that. Simply put, have the right tool for what you’re trying to do. However, there’s a balancing act between having the...

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Fewer spreadsheets, more worksheets

A friend of mine is a professional organizer (who would be appalled at my office!) and she once told me that no more files than will fit on a screen is the ideal number to have in any given folder....

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Learn more ways to do things

There are at least 5 ways of doing most things in the Microsoft Office programs. Since most Windows programs follow their lead, these should work in other applications as well. We all have preferences, some more conscious than others. If you learn alternative ways of doing things, you can find the way that is most efficient for you.

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When In Doubt, Right-Click

Tricia’s Rule #2. You already know this, right? How many times do you do it? I am always surprised at how often this solves a problem. It works in so many applications and in so many circumstances. Basically, right-clicking gives...

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Tricia’s Top Office Tips

These are my favorite tips for getting the most out of your time staring at your computer. Before you roll your eyes, give each a fair hearing. If you are already fully confident in some, give yourself a pat on...