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Number, not number

Since Excel is designed to work with numbers, it assumes everything is a number, or a not-number. Formatting and calculating are much easier if you remember this. You can calculate on dates so those are numbers. You can’t calculate on...

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I saw a book on problem-solving in my daily email from BookBub and it struck a familiar note. Many moons ago when I was in college, we covered problem-solving in one of my classes. (And, yes, I actually remember a...

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Learn more ways to do things

There are at least 5 ways of doing most things in the Microsoft Office programs. Since most Windows programs follow their lead, these should work in other applications as well. We all have preferences, some more conscious than others. If you learn alternative ways of doing things, you can find the way that is most efficient for you.

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Storm preparation checklist

The first tropical storm of the season is about to give us some rain this week. Here’s a storm preparation checklist I created for our practice. I thought others might want to have it as well. (Run a virus scan...

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It’s Armed Forces Day!

Let’s give thanks to all the active duty and reserves airmen (and women), soldiers, marines, sailors, guards (Coast Guard and National Guard), members of the Space Force, and all those who defend our country. Since next Monday is Memorial Day,...

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It’s World Laughter Day!!!

How can we not laugh on World Laughter Day? I know many of us are so ready for life to get back to “normal” but, I have a feeling we are going to move forward to a whole new “normal.”...

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When In Doubt, Right-Click

Tricia’s Rule #2. You already know this, right? How many times do you do it? I am always surprised at how often this solves a problem. It works in so many applications and in so many circumstances. Basically, right-clicking gives...

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Tricia’s Top Office Tips

These are my favorite tips for getting the most out of your time staring at your computer. Before you roll your eyes, give each a fair hearing. If you are already fully confident in some, give yourself a pat on...

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The Universe Word Search Puzzle

So I obviously have waaaaay too much time on my hands. For those of you who like puzzles, here’s a Word Search puzzle to celebrate Hubble’s birthday. (Run a virus scan on the file before opening it – an extra...