When In Doubt, Right-Click

Right click menu montage

Tricia’s Rule #2. You already know this, right? How many times do you do it? I am always surprised at how often this solves a problem. It works in so many applications and in so many circumstances. Basically, right-clicking gives you a context-sensitive menu. That means, it gives you a list of things you can do with whatever it is you clicked on. I’ve been working with Windows since it first came out and I still have to remind myself to right-click when I’m trying to figure out how to do something.

One thing I love about this is it makes training new staff so much easier. Instead of them trying to memorize what to do, I have them use right-click. That lets them learn at their pace and takes the pressure off on how much to learn.

Besides this downloadable article, I have Tricia’s Top Office Tips that includes an idea for right-click that is probably new to you. (Run a virus scan on the files before opening – an extra tip from me.)

Tricia Santos

After 18 years of providing computer consulting, training and speaking, I fell into a "real" job (managing a dental specialist practice). So, I gave up my business in 2007. However, I still love learning about computers and sharing what I know. This really is my favorite hobby. Hope you find it useful.

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