Tricia’s Top Office Tips

Tricias Office Tips

These are my favorite tips for getting the most out of your time staring at your computer. Before you roll your eyes, give each a fair hearing. If you are already fully confident in some, give yourself a pat on the back. I’m really not being sarcastic. You’re probably a lot less frustrated than many people. For many of these tips, I’ll provide more detailed instruction on how to do it as I continue to write more (or point you to a source that does that). For now, see what might be worth your time for more in-depth learning. (Run a virus scan on the file before opening it – an extra tip from me.)

Tricia Santos

After 18 years of providing computer consulting, training and speaking, I fell into a "real" job (managing a dental specialist practice). So, I gave up my business in 2007. However, I still love learning about computers and sharing what I know. This really is my favorite hobby. Hope you find it useful.

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