Tricia’s Top Ten Tech Tips

If I had only known!
If I had only known!

After training thousands of people, I found some tips that seemed to rise to the top of my list. After not doing anything with them for over a decade, I assumed they wouldn’t really hold up anymore. However, much to my pleasant surprise, most of them do. I’ve talked with some 20-somethings and they agree. These are still good tips. So, without further ado, please download the file and let me know what you think. (Run a virus scan on the file before opening it – an extra tip from me.)

Tricia Santos

After 18 years of providing computer consulting, training and speaking, I fell into a "real" job (managing a dental specialist practice). So, I gave up my business in 2007. However, I still love learning about computers and sharing what I know. This really is my favorite hobby. Hope you find it useful.

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