Happy 30th to Hubble

Butterfly Nebula
Butterfly Nebula

Have you seen some of the absolutely amazing and mind-blowing photos from the Hubble Space Telescope? Of course you have…who hasn’t? In this time of Stay-At-Home orders that many people are finding too onerous to bear and feeling like it’s lasting forever, these images from billions of years ago might help put things in perspective. Or, might offer a little distraction. Not to mention they should keep your kids busy looking at all the cool images. Just head on over to the hubblesite.org and celebrate it’s 30th birthday.

Tricia Santos

After 18 years of providing computer consulting, training and speaking, I fell into a "real" job (managing a dental specialist practice). So, I gave up my business in 2007. However, I left my websites up (although stagnant) since I never gave up hope of some day getting back into training and writing. I recently decided it was time to do something with them and realized I have a lot of really good stuff here. And, most of it is actually still relevant. I guess it's time for me to get back into writing.

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