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When In Doubt, Right-Click

Tricia’s Rule #2. You already know this, right? How many times do you do it? I am always surprised at how often this solves a problem. It works in so many applications and in so many circumstances. Basically, right-clicking gives you a context-sensitive menu. That means, it gives you a list of things you can do with whatever it is you clicked on. I’ve been working with Windows since it first came out and I still have to remind myself to right-click when I’m trying to figure out how to do something.

One thing I love about this is it makes training new staff so much easier. Instead of them trying to memorize what to do, I have them use right-click. That lets them learn at their pace and takes the pressure off on how much to learn.

Besides this downloadable article, I have Tricia’s Top Office Tips that includes an idea for right-click that is probably new to you. (Run a virus scan on the files before opening – an extra tip from me.)

Tricias Office Tips

Tricia’s Top Office Tips

These are my favorite tips for getting the most out of your time staring at your computer. Before you roll your eyes, give each a fair hearing. If you are already fully confident in some, give yourself a pat on the back. I’m really not being sarcastic. You’re probably a lot less frustrated than many people. For many of these tips, I’ll provide more detailed instruction on how to do it as I continue to write more (or point you to a source that does that). For now, see what might be worth your time for more in-depth learning. (Run a virus scan on the file before opening it – an extra tip from me.)

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Happy 30th to Hubble

Have you seen some of the absolutely amazing and mind-blowing photos from the Hubble Space Telescope? Of course you have…who hasn’t? In this time of Stay-At-Home orders that many people are finding too onerous to bear and feeling like it’s lasting forever, these images from billions of years ago might help put things in perspective. Or, might offer a little distraction. Not to mention they should keep your kids busy looking at all the cool images. Just head on over to the and celebrate it’s 30th birthday.

If I had only known!

Tricia’s Top Ten Tech Tips

After training thousands of people, I found some tips that seemed to rise to the top of my list. After not doing anything with them for over a decade, I assumed they wouldn’t really hold up anymore. However, much to my pleasant surprise, most of them do. I’ve talked with some 20-somethings and they agree. These are still good tips. So, without further ado, please download the file and let me know what you think. (Run a virus scan on the file before opening it – an extra tip from me.)

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Spring is springing!

Spring is in the air and I’ve finished my first article: Spring Cleaning. Because just like the pollen got everywhere and had to be cleaned off our back porch (that screen does nothing to slow pollen’s progress), you need to clean the dust out of your computer. There’s a few other things that are convenient to do this time of year. (Run a virus scan on the file before opening it – an extra tip from me.)

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I’m taking advantage of the stay-at-home order and working on my writing! I’m looking at this as a sort of paid vacation. I’ve been surprised to see many of the things I wrote 15 years ago are still valid with some updating. So, I’m updating. And, learning lots of new things. I’ll post my updated material and share what I’m learning as I go along.

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